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Elephone P9000 Helio P10 MTK6755 Octa Core 4GB RAM 4G LTE Android Phone

Product Review (submitted on November 16, 2016):
No issues after owing the phone for 6 weeks:

The phone is very lightweight and easy to grip if it’s in a case.
Screen repels fingerprints very well.
Very clear screen and colours seem to be represented very well.
Incredibly quick accessing apps or browsing the internet.
Very quick charge time when connected ia a cable but not so quick if using a wireless charger.
Nice to have a USB C cable so no fiddling making sure cable is in correct way round.
It is quite hard to believe a £200 phone does what a £500 plus phone does.
NFC for contactless payments work well.
Android 7 arriving for the P9000 sometime in November 2017…...Apparently.
Handles all Apps really well although some apps don’t seem fully Android 6.0 compatible, so Android 7.0 might be an issue for some apps.
Phone is very grippy if it’s not in a case, and doesnt feel as if it will slip out of your hand.


Don’t buy off eBay. I bought my first P9000 from there and had nothing but issues. Sent back and bought directly from Elephone and it was like a completely different model of phone…...For the better
-Phone switching itself off
-Disconnecting from the SD Card and Sim Card
-Fingerprint reader rubbish
-Awful GPS signal
-Widgets disappearing from the home screen are just a few of the issues
-None of the above issues with one ordered directly from the Manufacturer
Biggest issue for me is that there is no Android Pay on this phone.
It takes a little bit of getting used to not having the three standard function buttons that all android phones have had up till now, but after a while it becomes the norm and using an android with three function buttons is annoying.
The white notification light on a white phone is next to pointless, unless you're in a dark room. On a black phone it works well.
Slightly disappointing that there is only 2 slots for memory card or sim card, so 2 sims and a memory cannot be used at the same time.

Overall, it really worth the money