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ELECAM 360 Video Camera 360 Degrees Panorama Camera Action Camera

ELECAM 360 Video Camera 360 Degrees Panorama Camera Action Camera
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Compact vr camera for small amount of money
I bought this camera just a week ago off amazon. On the first try the camera seemed to be very intuitive to use. The little display on the top of the camera lets you know about all the important information like battery's status, remaining capacities of your SD card (32 gb class 10; included in the shipment) WiFi status and the settings menu. Compared to my expectations the options of the menu are quite scarce. Thus the promised time lapse option is not avaliable, yet (Sept. 2016). And I'm not sure how and when I will upgrade this feature later on. However I'm looking forward to some instructions on the web. Furthermore, the menu includes language settings, energy saving modes (what would like to see in future editions would be a "disable background lighting" option just to save every bit of energy) there are more settings to explore though I'm not going to mention each single one. In terms of energy the camera is not the longest lasting one. But with twice the amount of data to process approximately one hour of filming is quite reasonable. The battery is not exchangeable. Still the camera can record whole loading. The only limitations that need to be considered are the capacity of your SD card and the heat buildup. After some minutes of recording the camera gets quite warm. One aspect worth mentioning is that the filming sometimes (like one in every 10-20 recordings) tends to stop and shut down after approx. 20 minutes or the video freezes and just the sound is being recorded on a still image. In the second case the camera seems to record but as soon as one decides to stop the record it freezes forcing you to press the reset button to shut it down. The video file can then not be finally processed and the still image with sound problem occurs. The videos recorded by this 360 vr camera aren't as bad as I expected them to be, though on sunny days the camera ha's difficulties matching two image's brightness. But for approximately 160 Euros the dynamic range is good to me. The android app works fine for me, only the live image of the camera streamed to the smartphone freezes after less than three seconds of streaming. No matter how close camera and smartphone are placed to each other. In a lot of situations this doesn't bother, but when used as a live streaming surveillance camera for instance that would make things more difficult as the only way to get a sort of live stream is to take a picture every now and then and watch those to get the gist.
The upload to youtube etc. Seemed to be a little more time consuming. The files need to be processed with two softwares before ready for upload to youtube. Then youtube demands an additional hour or two to process the vr video.
One of the best features of the camera is the compatability with gopro accessories. Though the delivered accessories aren't bad at all, still the gopro catalog supplies with seemingly endless accessories. The delivered tentacle tripod is more rigid than I thought it would be and just as useful as the bicycle and helmet mount. The only thing that I miss is a waterproof case for the camera making it the prefect companion for almost any situation. And a small case to carry theft camera around safely.
I'm looking forward for updates on this product and releases as the case and other accessories.
Review by Jamal / (Posted on 9/2/2016)

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