Elephone U Pro Does Not Recognize the SD Card?

In fact,Elephone U Pro is equipped with two Nano cards,or can be inserted with an optionsl SD Card and a Nano card.But sometimes there are some issues with the card slot.Here are some suggestions related to fix.

1.You can re-insert the SD card at first;

2.Try to reboot the device;

3.Try to use the card on other devices to check whether it's with the same situation. If the SD card works fine on other devices try getting technical assistance to repair the SD card slot of your device.If no device detected the SD card, try to connect the SD card to PC copy all files and format the card.

Any problem please refer to the Elephone Official Website:http://www.elephonestore.com/elephone-u-pro-4g-lte-smartphone-128gb-blue.html